Speeding Tickets

In the state of North Carolina, speeding is a traffic violation that is taken very seriously. If you are given a speeding ticket, you may find yourself tempted to just pay it and move on, but this may be unwise. Long after the speeding ticket has been paid, you may face repercussions of the event because of points on your driver’s license. Campbell Law Group, PLLC, can help you look more closely at your ticket and the circumstances surrounding it. With the help of a skilled legal team, you may be able to reduce the points or have them thrown out altogether.

Understanding the North Carolina Points System

Having a driver’s license in North Carolina is treated like a privilege, not a right, and that means the privilege can be lost. Most traffic offenses, including speeding tickets, are given a points value by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. If a driver receives 12 or more points over any three-year period, the driver’s license can be suspended. If the driver’s license is suspended, the driver will have to go through a complicated reinstatement process to drive again. In the first three years after a license is reinstated, the point limit drops to 8, compared to 12. Here is a link to the North Carolina Department of Insurance that contains helpful information:  Consumer Guide to Automobile Insurance

Speeding tickets may seem like no big deal, but if you are caught speeding at a speed over 55 mph, even just 1 mph above the speed limit, you receive 3 points. If you speed through a school zone or safety zone, you can receive an additional 3 points. Speeding at lower speeds on regular roads can earn you 2 points.

In addition, if you are speeding 15 mph or more at a speed above 55 mph, you may have your licensed automatically suspended or revoked, regardless of the number of points you have. So, if you are driving on a road with a 45 mph marked speed limit and are clocked at 61 mph, you could lose your license immediately upon conviction. Also, you can lose your licenses if you receive two convictions for speeding over 55 mph in one year.

North Carolina Takes Speeding Seriously, and So Should You

Speeding may seem like an innocent event, but the state takes it very seriously. A speeding ticket conviction can lead to the loss of your license, depending on the circumstances surrounding the event. That is why you need to seek the counsel of a skilled lawyer if you are given a speeding ticket.

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